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About US

We are the world's first digital optical!

Due to innovative "smart" technologies, our customers save up to 80 % while buying glasses compared to other suppliers. 

Our mission is to make sure everyone experiences the new way of buying glasses at our Digital Service Hubs, where we provide - and always will - a free eye test! This also includes state-of-the-art eye and face measurements to provide you customized high-end glasses adapted to your needs.

We believe that eyecare is as important as healthcare, and we refuse to overcharge our customers for this precise service and indispensable products. With brillen.com you will never overpay for your sight and we will always provide the best service for your vision. 

How does it work?

With our Digital Service Hubs we create a new way of buying glasses. Our customers can always find us online, access our crazy promotions and instantly book an appointment at the closest Service Hub!

In Europe, the eye test is always free at every optical shop, whether private practice or big chain, and each customer gets to know their prescription with no obligation to buy. In brillen.com we believe this is the right way and we want to bring this concept to the U.S. Every time you visit us at our Digital Service Hubs you are welcome to enjoy a free eye test as well as an exclusive face measurement to provide you with your optimal high-end glasses!

At our stores, we offer more than 400 frames to try on, the latest technology in medical equipment, digital lens consulting with artificial intelligence and a team of professionals to ensure you enjoy this unique experience and the new way to buy glasses with brillen.com. 

What is included with our products and offers?

  • FREE eye test including eye and face measurements for customized glasses adapted to your needs
  • High-end lenses featuring the newest technology
  • A frame worth $80 from our exclusive collections
  • Free eyewear protection plan 
  • 100% Money back guarantee

About SuperVista

SuperVista, our parent company, was founded in Germany in 2012 by Matthias Kamppeter. Coming from an ophthalmological family and as a trained optician, he spotted an opportunity to develop a unique omnichannel-model and lead the optical world into a new future. Now, with over 1,800 partner opticians and own optical stores (Digital Service Hubs) across Europe and the USA, we provide you with the convenience of choosing your offer and appointment online then accessing personal optical attention in-store through a team of eye care professionals and our smart technology.

Matthias Kamppeter und Volker Grahl.jpg

Board Members of SuperVista North America, Inc.

Matthias Kamppeter  Chairman of the Board/CEO

Matthias Kamppeter comes from an ophthalmological family. Both his father and his brother work very successfully as ophthalmologists in Bayreuth. Directly after graduating from high school, he trained as an optician, after which he went into business for himself in the summer of 1997. As a result, Matthias Kamppeter's first optician's shop was established in the Kamppeter family's medical center. Over many years he acquired a great deal of expertise in all areas of Rx lens production. In connection with international contacts, he was able to establish his own production methods, which combined high quality products with a focus on value. This enabled him to expand into a network of more than 20 optical stores.

Together with Daniel Thung, brillen.de Optik AG was founded in 2012. He developed the brillen.de hybrid model, which brings together independent opticians and value priced eyewear. In 2013, the company headquarters were relocated from Bayreuth to Wildau near Berlin due to rapid expansion.

Matthias Kamppeter, as Chairman of the Board of Directors, is responsible for all business activities of the company, which has now been renamed SuperVista, AG. He develops the ideas and strategies that strengthen the cooperation with the Partner Opticals and that make the hybrid concept successful.

Daniel Thung  Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Daniel Thung developed an early interest in stock exchanges and capital markets. In the course of his professional career, he spent six years as a TV news presenter at the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange, where he reported on daily stock market events. The participation in start-up companies and the consulting activities that resulted, led to a large network of investors and entrepreneurs. Having been friends with Matthias Kamppeter since childhood, Daniel could not help but to join in the implementation of the business idea of brillen.de.  Together with other financiers from his network the concept was launched.

Daniel Thung is involved in several other young companies and advises them with his experience and know-how. His network of investors and his knowledge in the preparation of IPOs create the prerequisites for long-term growth and financing.

Markus Fränkle LLM    General Counsel

Markus Fränkle studied law with a focus on corporate and antitrust law. Since 1997 he has worked as a lawyer in Berlin-Mitte in a large supra-regional law firm with a focus on commercial law. He holds a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the Wilhelms University in Münster. In 2013 he moved to the law firm Kärgel, de Maizère und Partner in Berlin's Kurfürstendamm, where he provided legal advice to the company brillen.de Optik AG/SuperVista AG.

The rapid growth of the company and the establishment of foreign subsidiaries resulted in a sharply increased volume of work, which led to the professional change to brillen.de Optik AG, which was later renamed SuperVista AG. Since October 2014, he has been responsible for the legal/general counsel division and foreign business development as a member of the Executive Board.

Volker Grahl  Board Member Market Development/CSO

After training as an optician, Volker Grahl studied business administration with a focus on marketing and cost accounting. From 1995 Grahl worked at Wöhlk Contactlinsen GmbH, a manufacturer of especially individual contact lenses, where Carl Zeiss AG appointed him Managing Director in 1997. In April 2000, he co-founded MPG&E GmbH, a sales company for contact lenses and care products for opticians and ophthalmologists. Until June 2015, Grahl was Chairman of the Contact Lens Division of the Spectaris Industry Association.

Volker Grahl joined the Management Board in May 2015. He is responsible for the partner optician business and the expansion of the portfolio to include contact lenses for the special progressive target group. The experience in building a company in a challenging market environment, the worldwide network and its contacts represent an excellent starting position to support the growth of SuperVista AG.