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 No risk - Immediately higher revenue.

Take advantage of brillen's omni-channel marketing and see multiple new patients every day with no investment

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Numerous new patients
guaranteed every day


Higher purchase frequency
with  brillen marketing


Online appointment


At least $10,000/month


Contactless glasses
buying process


Increased patient loyalty and multi-pair sales through attractive offers

Here's how it works

  • Our marketing expertise uses sophisticated digital strategies to bring you new patients every day.
  • The patient selects an appointment time on your brillen partner calendar you control.
  • The patient receives their secure, special offer for contactless, safe and transparent shopping in your office.





 SuperVista key facts

  • A successful model since 2012
  • Fastest growth in the optical sector
  • Annual sales of $120 million in 2019
  •  600+ partner opticals in Germany
  •  1,400+ partner opticals throughout Europe
  •  $10,000+ additional monthly revenue for the average partner in our network
  • Premium products your patients will love.

The brillen partnership at a glance

There is no cost to become a brillen partner!

Corona crisis: We are here to help your practice grow into a more sustainable model during this crisis!

Basic partnership

No risk, no investment!

There are no long term commitment contracts to sign!


3-5 new customers a day


> $10,000
additional monthly sales

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