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2 pairs of glasses at 1 unbeatable price!

Be one of the first 1,000 customers to try 2 pairs of glasses for only $99! (Regularly $303)

  • 2 pairs of single vision lenses made of high quality lightweight material
  • Extremely robust hard coating
  • 1 pair of glasses is also available as sunglasses on request
  • Choose 2 frames valued at $160* from up to 100 fashionable styles
  • Drilled Rimless and Rimlon frames are excluded
  • 0% risk - 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee

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Also included in this offer...

The brillen.com protection package:

  • Eyeglass Warranty:
    Protection in case of breakage or change of Rx*
  • Money-back guarantee:
    In the event you’re not satisfied we will refund the full purchase price*
  • Personalized local service:
    Your Optician will help you select the best style and fit

Exclusively at brillen.com only $99
instead of $303

Customer Satisfaction:



The offer includes 4 premium single vision (2 pairs) lenses made of lightweight plastic up to index 1.5 (incl. hard coating). The brillen.com list price for 4 premium single vision lenses with the above mentioned features, including optional 2 lenses with sun protection tint (brown, grey, green in 75% or 85%) and 2 brillen.com frames (selection may vary by optician), a $303 value. Both glasses must be ordered on the same day. This offer excludes the combination with previously purchased single vision lenses. Delivery range as far as technically possible and while supplies last. Eyeglass warranty includes: Replacement in case of damage or change in vision of at least 0.5 diopters within one year from date of purchase. Also included: In case of dissatisfaction within 30 days from date of invoice we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. The offer is valid until 12/31/2020 and can be extended by SuperVista North America, Inc. An offer from SuperVista North America, Inc. A combination with other discounts and promotions is excluded.