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Limited Offer: Try the latest technology office progressive glasses for only $169 – eye exam included!

Why are office progressive glasses an essential addition?

With your "normal" progressive glasses you can enjoy sharp vision in all areas. However, in order to be able to see the computer or laptop monitor sharply you have to tilt your head back. In the long run, however, this would lead to an unhealthy sitting posture and back and neck problems.

Our new office progressive glasses, on the other hand, offer an extra wide viewing area for the intermediate distance in the upper part of the lens. This way you can see your neighbors at a distance and your monitor with a straight head and body position. The lower part of the lens is designed for proximity to working on the keyboard and reading and also offers an extra wide viewing area. Our office progressive glasses, which are tailored to you, allow for a more comfortable viewing posture and also contribute significantly to increased performance.

Be one of 1,000 customers who get to try the latest office progressive lenses for only $169 * and get a free choice of frame ($80 value) with this promotion!

  • Modern office progressive glasses made of lightweight material (CR39, index 1.5)
  • Sharp vision in the near and intermediate range - ideal for working on a computer
  • Large field of vision to ensure comfortable head posture and relaxation of the neck muscles
  • Includes a robust hard layer against scratches
  • Included in the promotion: Free frame from a selection of up to 100 frames, worth $80
  • Eye exam included
  • With a 30 day money-back guarantee * and frame and lens warranty

The first 1,000 people get all this for just $169 * 

In return, brillen only asks you to complete a short survey after 12 weeks of wearing.

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Request an offer ticket now - free of charge and without any obligation <<<

Requirements to participate in the testing of Office progressive lenses: With your participation you agree to complete an experience survey consisting of 7-10 questions (processing time approx. 2-3 minutes). This will be emailed to you approximately six weeks after you have received your Office progressive lenses. We would like to find out how satisfied you are with our products, as well as a brief assessment of the quality of vision, adaptation to the lenses, and level of service you received from the optician. All information is stored internally. If you do not want to answer individual questions in the review, we will of course respect this decision. In the event that you do not wish to participate, we have the option to rescind the offer. After evaluation by brillen.com, our optical techs and R&D department receive feedback regarding what participants particularly liked and how the product could possibly be improved. The test data for the individual products may be published on www.brillen.com and in selected media.

* The offer includes: two modern Freeform Office progressive lenses made of light plastic in index 1.50 including robust hard coating as well as a frame of your choosing from the brillen.com collection worth $80 (styles may vary per optical). Also included: 1. Satisfaction guarantee, 100% money back guarantee; 2. Rx guarantee covers Rx change of over .50 D. 3. Warranty against frame breakage for 12 months from the date of purchase. Eye test according to standard procedures included. Delivery Rx range as far as technically possible and while supplies last. The offer is available to 1,000 customers (max. 50 customers per participating optical) and is valid until December 31, 2020. Both the duration of the offer and the price can be adjusted by SuperVista N.A. Offer may not be combined with other discounts and promotions.