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Offer valid until 12/31/2020 *

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Our Premium Single Vision offer for Club-members: 

1 pair of single vision glasses plus 1 pair of sunglasses and two stylish eyewear frames with a value up to $80.*

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* The offer includes 4 premium single-vision lenses, each made of lightweight organic material up to index 1.5 including anti-scratch). The brillen.com list price for 4 premium single-vision glasses with the above-mentioned features, 2 lenses with optional sun-protection tinting (brown, grey, green in 75% or 85%), and 2 brillen.com frames (selection may vary), each worth $80 = $303. The price advertised is personal and cannot be shared; both pairs of glasses must be ordered on the same day. This offer excludes combination with previously purchased single vision glasses. If you are not fully satisfied with the new eyewear return them to us within 30 days for a 100% refund of the purchase price. Your purchase includes a 1 year, 1 time replacement warranty should you break or scratch your eyeglasses. Non-member list price is $303. Delivery range as far as technically possible and while stock lasts. Eye exam is included in participating stores. This offer is valid until 12/31/2020. Both the duration of the offer and the quantity may subject to change by SuperVista North America, Inc.. An offer by brillen.com, 16 Technology Drive, 92618 Irvine, California. This offer may not be combined with other discounts and promotions.