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Our production

Each pair of our glasses is custom-made and unique

At our own production company each lens and frame are produced according to the highest quality standards. For that we only use the best machines and technology from Germany.

Our employees control every step from the blank to the finished glasses with the utmost care. Parts that don’t meet our quality requirements get sorted out immediately. Our customers deserve only the best products.

A look into glass production
-  The starting signal is given - 
After you have ordered your new glasses in the Service Hub, it all starts: all data, which were determined in our brillen.com Service Hub, flow into the production and are processed there. Your selected frame is taken from the warehouse, as well as the lenses necessary for production. At this point, your lenses do not look like lenses yet - they are still semi-finished products so called "blanks" with average 90mm in diameter and an impressive 25mm thick.
- Freeform: freedom for best design and vision -
Based on your vision profile, your lens values and your other specifications, these so-called "blanks" first undergo surfacing. This means that the back surfaces of the lenses are processed using the latest free-form machines from Germany, while the front surfaces have already been finalized during the production of the blanks. Diamond milling machines remove the plastic material of the thick blanks and thus produce the ordered lens values.
From surfacing, the lenses pass through manual quality control by our employees before the lenses are sent through the "washing line". This is because meticulous attention must be paid to cleanliness for the subsequent production steps to produce the best product for you!
- Brought into shape -
Now your new lenses will be shaped according to the frame you have chosen. For this purpose, a high-tech milling machine retrieves the computer data regarding frame model, size and shape, grabs your new lenses and mills the lens edges to shape within seconds.
In the last step our employees carefully put the new lenses in your chosen frame - your glasses are finished!

Good to know:

The process water from our production does not simply go into the wastewater, but is collected and very elaborately cleaned!

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